Investing in sustainable future


Farid Abdullayev

Farid is a Founder and Managing Director at Feronia Capital. He is also a board member at several private companies in industrial, food, agribusiness, real estate and hospitality sectors. 

Prior to Feronia Capital, he pursued a successful career as a Trader at multinational commodities trading companies first at Bunge Ltd and later at Noble Group Ltd in New York, Geneva and Istanbul. At Noble, he first established the grain business for the firm’s Istanbul office that reached $150MM in turnover from scratch in two years and lastly managed the Black Sea grain business out of Geneva that had $900MM in turnover along with its risk management for the Ukraine and Russia offices.  

He also has a prior experience as a Consultant at McKinsey & Company and as an Analyst at the hedge fund arm of Arlon Group, an NYC-based investment firm.  

He started his career in finance at the age of 19 at Citigroup’s Investment Management arm and also had a short stint as an Analyst at BP. 

Farid holds an undergraduate degree with the highest honors from Cornell University and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School (HBS) with a concentration on Finance. At HBS, he was the President of the Food, Beverage and Agribusiness Club and was a student of Agribusiness Prof. Ray Goldberg.

He is a native of Azerbaijan, from where he is the first student to receive an undergraduate degree from an Ivy League university in the U.S. and where he was also the winner of National Mathematics Olympiads in 2002 and 2003. 

Ihsan John Mashari

Ihsan John is an Investment Analyst at Feronia Capital. Prior to Feronia Capital, he worked as a consultant in the Senate of Pakistan and a market researcher in a subsidiary of Universal Pictures International in London. He also has prior internship experience at UBS and Unlu&Co in Istanbul, and TMF Group in Amsterdam.

Ihsan John holds an undergraduate degree in International Management from Warwick Business School, where he enrolled in a year abroad programme in City University of Hong Kong. He is also a graduate of The Koc School in Istanbul.